“I’ve had my property listed with three different Realtors with no traffic.  I never understood why they wanted such high commissions to sell a vacant lot, after all the lot shows itself.  The argument about higher commission being needed to compensate the Realtor just doesn’t hold water when the lot is priced more than many single family homes in the area.  Waterfront Liquidators promises to bring the property to the targeted buyer – what can make more sense than that?”

- Steve Nicosia
Long Beach, MS




"When it comes to marketing waterfront properties, it’s not enough to throw up a 'For Sale sign,' list in on the MLS system, place a little ad in a real estate magazine, and hope for the best.

Waterfront Liquidators cuts through the traditional Real Estate advertising clutter, allowing potential Buyers, who dream of owning a piece of Paradise on the water, the ease of not having to sift through hundreds of properties in order to find one with water frontage.

Waterfront Liquidators reaches those most likely to purchase through their intermutual multi-media mix of their website, SEO strategies, and social media. This marketing monster helps insure we get our waterfront properties sold in a record time!”

Donnie & Margaret Picou
The Picou Group Realtors
504-919-HOME (4663)
225-278-8900 (Baton Rouge)




"Waterfront Liquidators is a great tool for buyers and sellers.  It's the only place that consolidates waterfront properties.

Other real estate sites, and even the Realtors MLS do not offer such a specific niche market information. Anyone who
wants a waterfront property can find one easily without the clutter of all the non-waterfront properties.

I will highly recommend Waterfront Liquidators to all my buyers and sellers."

 Cindy Greer
Gardner Realtors
Licensed by the LA Real Estate Commission

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